Simple Progressions, The Process, & Health Benefits of Running

Aug 10, 2023

Newsletter 7/21/23

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What I'm Thinking

Simple Progressions > All-Or-Nothing


An all-or-nothing perspective hinders many from picking up the sport of running.

“I would have to run an entire mile, 3 miles...or it doesn’t count.”

The best way to start running is by walking with "sprinkled-in" running bouts.

i.e. 30 minutes of walking with a few 30 sec to 1 min running segments. And building from there.

No "all-or-nothingness" needed.

This same idea applies to runner-specific strength training.

There's no need to spend hours at the gym.

3-4 exercises, twice a week, is more than enough - and making similar, simple progressions in weight, reps, volume, etc.

The barrier to entry to this sport truly is low.


What I'm Liking

The Process


Lately, I have been learning to enjoy every run.

Sounds simple, but I've come to realize that I’ll never be fully satisfied by any race time or distance I’ll achieve in the future.

But I do love the process of pursuing these individual goals.

Me vs Me.

The beauty of this sport is that the joy of the process is right there in front of us to have, today.

And all we need is a pair of shoes.


What I'm Reading

Various Research on Health Benefits of Running 


VO2 max is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, mortality predictor we have.

And it seems that a combination of it, along with resistance training, may be even better.

Here’s a couple quotes and associated links if you’re interested in exploring this further.

"Improving both CRF and muscle strength, as opposed to either of the two alone, may be the most effective behavioral strategy to reduce all-cause and cardiovascular mortality risk."

Link 1

"Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) is inversely associated with all-cause mortality."

Link 2

There are reasons upon reasons to take up slow, consistent running paired with strength training to support it.

If you want great health, a balance of both is likely best. 


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