Running's Small Barrier to Entry, Off-Seasons, & Less Hurry

Aug 10, 2023

Newsletter 6/23/23

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What I'm Thinking

Running's Small Barrier to Entry


My belief is that more people would be running if they understood how small the barrier to entry truly is. I spoke with a 61 year old two days ago who hadn't ran in decades who told me he was shocked he could do the beginner running plan I give out for free.

We see elite marathoners online or on TV ripping 5:00 splits & think, "Yeah..I'm definitely not a runner." What we don't often see is situations like above where the new runner is run-walking outside, dipping their toes in the sport for the very first time.

Both of these are running - and that is one reason I think this sport is awesome.


What I'm Doing

Less is More in the Off-Season


My personal training mantra is,


  • Lower intensity, higher volume running
  • Higher intensity, lower volume strength training


The past 3 months, I've been selling out on Zone 2 training (staying within a range of ~60-75% of my max heart rate), building a stronger aerobic base with lots of very slow & easy running - usually 1-1.5 hours a day. I've also recently decreased the days I strength train from 4 to 3 per week. I've done both of these things in an effort to further buy in to the above mantra; and so far, my body generally feels more fresh & energized.

I'll be running a half marathon in October, so we'll see how it pays off. (IMT Des Moines on 10/15/23 - let me know if you'll be there!)


What I'm Reading

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry - John Mark Comer


We're in a society seeking more, more, more, all the time. Bombarded by advertisements every day. Always in a hurry to complete our massive to-do lists. Constantly seeking "the next thing". 

It's valuable to find ways to have peace in the midst of this chaos - and also ways to escape this chaos. Running provides this mini-escape for me. The peace and solitude it gives are much-needed.

This book has been a big wake-up call with tons of practical and valuable insights. Highly recommend.


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