Running More, World Records, & Prevention

Aug 10, 2023

Newsletter 8/4/23

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What I'm Thinking

Running More


Running more helps a lot of things.

As you run more, your body naturally learns how to optimize your mechanics to run more efficiently.

Your mentality grows stronger.

Consistency and momentum build.

And, obviously, your fitness improves.

It's good to be curious & learn more about the intricacies of this sport...

But let's not get too caught up in things like which shoes will "fix" your pronation, what exact heart rate range will take you to the promised land of Boston, or which haircut will make you most aerodynamic (not sure if anyone's ever actually worried about this).

The minutia can make a difference, but at the end of the day...

The best course of action is to take action.

Just go outside and run!

You'll figure it out as you go.


What I'm Liking

World Records


This 75 year old, Jeannie Rice, running a 22:41 5K - a world record for her age group.

There is wild longevity in this sport if approached with the right strategies.


What I'm Reading

"What are the Main Risk Factors for Running-Related Injuries?" 

Saragiotto, B. T., Yamato, T. P., Hespanhol Junior, L. C., Rainbow, M. J., Davis, I. S., & Lopes, A. D. (2014)


This research found that the main risk factor for obtaining a running injury was previous injury within the last 12 months.

Essentially meaning, it's easy for injuries to lead to more injuries.

A gap I see among recreational runners that I advocate for filling is prevention.

Many of us will run, get injured, stop running, then run again when we're healthy.

And the cycle repeats.

Very few runners have an equal focus on preventing injuries in the first place as they do their training.

And the good news is, injury-prevention strategies and improved performance often go hand-in-hand.

Meaning, the same exercises & drills that will aid in preventing injury, will often also improve performance.

It is what we call, a "win-win".

Hopping on my soapbox for a quick, humble brag on my clients...

One of the reasons why I believe my clients have had the success they have - is because we do implement these injury-prevention strategies.

These strategies allow them to stay healthy, which allows them to stay consistent.

And, simultaneously, their performance is enhanced - improved running economy, power, delayed time to fatigue, etc.

Why not take the time to prioritize these?

Stepping off the soapbox.


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