A Commonly Shared Trait Among the Most Successful Runners

Jan 19, 2022

Hello runners, and happy 2022!


I wanted to write a bit about a trait that the most successful runners (& people in general) all have - and a little of how I'm trying to be better at it myself after experiencing a rough start to my year.


So to begin - I have some big goals and hopes for this year. I'm very excited for 2022 and all it will bring. However, it has sure been a rough start for me and nothing like I expected so far!


I was in the best shape of my life and felt like I had a ton of momentum going into this year physically - only to have the ol’ Rona sneak up on me and knock me out for a couple of weeks. I’m starting to feel better. Starting to get back to exercising this week. But man - it was such bummer timing!


On top of that, I also had some relational conflict stuff happen that hasn't been ideal that has just made the beginning of this year, quite frankly, suck. Lol.


But the good news with both running and life is - setbacks and failures really are just an opportunity for growth. As cliché as that may sound - it’s the truth.


So yes, my start to 2022 has been pretty subpar - actually, I’d say it’s been a few strokes subpar. Akin to triple bogeying the first Par 5 of your round. Bad.


But I heard a quote the other day (don’t remember exactly how it goes) that basically said the most successful people don’t always have great days. They aren’t always perfectly consistent. They aren’t always extremely productive. Basically - they slip up and things go bad for them too.


But here's what they do better than most -


The most successful people are often the QUICKEST to get back in the saddle, pick up where they left off, and keep going.


The quicker you accept and realize that what has happened has happened and is done and over with, regroup, and start up again - the better.


I’ve noticed a lot of runners - beginner runners especially - are pretty “streaky” in their running habits. Meaning, they’ll run consistently for a period of time, but then something comes up, and they’ll stop for a period of time. Then they’ll start up again. And this cycle repeats.


And if you go in streaks like this and are ok with that - that’s great! Whatever works best for you in your running & health journey. I’m certainly not saying you HAVE to try and be super consistent with running. 


But I think to experience the best results and the most success in anything - you have to be relentlessly consistent. Which means doing so through both the good times and the bad, and being quick to get back into things when slip ups happen.


That’s true for running. And it’s true for life.


So that’s what I’m working on now - being quicker to pick myself up and start again when times suck - because I know what I want and what it takes to get there.


If you’re in a similar position - hopefully this was encouraging to you. Definitely reach out if so - I’d love to talk with you!



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